Design and Prototype Fabrication Centre

PCB Design Software Type 1
PCB Design Software Type 2
PCB Design Software Type 3
PCB Design Software Type 4
PCB Design Software Type 5
PCB Suite 1
PCB Design SI Option 
PCB Design Thermal Ap SW 
PCB Design PI Power Bnd SW 
Photonics Software - PIC & Optoelectronics System Design CAD
Compilers and IDE-ARM processor
Debuggers and Emulators 1
Development System Studio Professional for Linux
Compilers and development system 2
FPGA: Design Edition 
FPGA Design Suite: System Edition 
FPGA  Debug Standalone
FPGA Design Suite: Design Edition 
FPGA : Design Suite: System Edition 
FPGA Debug Standalone (includes ChipScope Pro), Node-Locked License EF-VIVADO-DEBUG-NL
FPGA Design suite and USB key
Middleware Bundle
Debugging of Hardware system : J-Link Probe; USB and Ethernet driven JTAG interface for ARM cores 
Compiler and debugging suite 1-5U floating network license, 5 user for ARM
Compiler and Debugging usite for ARM Cortex-M and IAR compiler 
Debugging tool for Freescale PPC and CodeWarrior 
Product Security tool
Complete Digital Signature Suite 
JTAG debugger
Power Debug Module USB 3.0 
JTAG Debugger for CORTEX-A/-R (ICD) 
JTAG Debugger for TriCore Automotive
JTAG Debugger for MPC5xxx UAD (ICD) 
JTAG Debugger for RH850 (ICD) 
FPGA Design suite
FPGA Design and Simulation 
3 axis hotwire foam cutting machine
Foam cutting accessories, support etc.
CAD software with one year maintenance
Mechanical CAD 3D software with one year maintenance
Polyjet 3D printer,  with simaltaneous multimaterial support.
3D printer #2
Thermal simulation of complete system
PCB Prototype tools